Month: October 2018

Belfast; July 5th to Aug 2nd 2018

  Next stop – Belfast, Northern Ireland, which will be our “home” for the next 4 weeks.  We had rented an apartment on Airbnb  it was beautiful and in a great location. Robert  (June’s brother) and Trina (his wife) are joining us for the next 7 weeks, so while we were waiting for them to arrive […]

Dublin; July 3rd to 5th

Next stop Dublin and drinking beer!!!  With another Airbnb booked in the downtown it was time to set out and explore the city. We were starving, so the first thing to do was find a pub to have something to eat. This is a very easy job in Dublin as there are basically four pubs […]

Ontario; May 4th to June 30th 2018

Back in Canada!!!  Once again we crossed the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor.  After a very slow crawl, literally covered end to end with transport trucks where we managed to not get side swiped, we were finally back on Canadian soil.  Our first stop was our friends Doug, Becky and Bandit’s back yard where […]