It has begun!

June 1st, 2016…        After many years of planning, we have left on our adventure and have moved into the Shangri-La Campground just outside of Vineland for the next 5 weeks to explore the Niagara region.


4 comments on It has begun!

  1. I am so impress with all the info that you can pack into the
    blog. we will be able to follow along just like the hymn books at church;)

  2. As I am reading the blog. I can feel George beaming with pride.
    It feels like you are doing all the traveling and adventure that he would have wish for. Good job ,it take a lots of guts and determination to make this dream come true.

    1. That means a lot to us Lois. We appreciate all the encouragement and love we get from you! We look forward to seeing you in October.

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