Home again..

Our plans changed slightly for our trip back home when we received some very sad news that Larry’s cousin Twila had passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism.  It was such an incredibly sad day.  Lots of crying and laughing as her brother Wendell delivered a wonderfully touching eulogy.  She will be missed.

...beautiful addition to our home, many nice flowerbeds.
…beautiful addition to our home, many nice flowerbeds.

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful friends ( and Family) in Lynn and Julie Zehr. They have a lovely property just outside of New Hamburg and allowed us to “camp” there.


Wanda and Charles
…Wanda and Charles down in the gorge.

Wanda and Charles were also home visiting so it was so nice to spend so much time with them.  We visited the Elora Gorge which was beautiful, but with too many fences!!  We were able to walk down to the river and watch the people tubing and there was a very

…outside of Ayr at the Lavender Farm.

adorable father/son team “shooting the rapids”.   A lovely lunch was also enjoyed in the quaint village of Elora.   I had discovered that there was a lavender farm outside of Ayr ( who would have known?  ) so we decided to drive there as well.  The “farm” was more like a bunch of gardens, but it was pretty.


The next day Larry and Charles took the RV to get some warranty/repair work done on the RV and luckily they were able to fix it all in the one day, yeah!  In the evening we had been invited to spend the evening with Leslie, Steve and Linda for a great home cooked meal which left us really stuffed!

cycling in the area
Punkydoodles Corner, an actual place!

The main reason Wanda was home was to quilt another quilt.  She had 3 days to accomplish this and with MANY aunts, cousins and friends they did it!!  As usual, there was lots of laughter and visiting.

Lynn, Julie, Charles, Larry and I had the pleasure of attending the Shakespeare Festival to see Shakespeare in Love.  It is always a good show and it is so amazing what they can do on such a little stage!

pizza pie
…pizza pie irons, a campfire treat ready to happen!

Another interesting thing we were able to do with Wanda and Charles was to visit the farm of the people who bought our farm.  Ad and Karin were kind enough to offer us a tour of their dairy farm where they milk around 220 cows with 5 robotic milkers.  This is such a remarkable thing to see! They also had sheep, chickens, guinea hens and peacocks.  Karin gave us a peacock egg which we enjoyed the next morning and it tastes the same as a chicken egg, it was just a little bigger.  It has been so nice getting to know the Van Lith’s and I am sure that our relationship will continue.

watching over us
…the resident hawk watching over us.

On Saturday night we had dinner with many friends before we all attended the wedding of our friends Tim and Chris.  It was a wonderful venue at the Revival House in Stratford and the bride looked absolutely fabulous ( and I guess the groom did too!) A good time was had by all.



(To see more pictures of our stay here click on this link or go to our Picture section  under New Hamburg.)




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