The Bruce Peninsula

A tiny village!

We had never spent any time in this beautiful area of Ontario and the 2.5 weeks we spent there were wonderful.  Although the area was not the most bike friendly. There were  lots of gravel roads and the  main paved road to Tobermory was full of very fast crazy drivers. We had  been warned about the roads on the very first day out on our motorcycles.  Even with that said, we put on 401km on the bicycles, so we were happy with that.



Our friends Chris and Tim were spending a the-shorelineweek up at a cottage for their honeymoon and they had invited us over for an afternoon of drinking and sitting on their dock at the beach.  Bob and Connie Zehr also joined us and we had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun and talking.

The Milky Way in the Dark Sky!

In the spring of this year we had attended a few lectures at the Astronomy Assembly in London, and were made aware of a project in Lions Head in the Bruce Peninsula, called The Dark Sky Project.  Basically, they are trying to stop any new development ( and any replacement ) of putting big lights up that are causing light pollution.  The skies are so brilliantly dark there that they want to preserve this.  Every Friday and Saturday night in the summer                ( when it is clear ) the local Astronomy club sets up their telescopes and the public is invited to come to look and talk to the astronomers.  Of course we had to go and check it out. Obviously I had to introduce myself  as Robert and Peter’s sister, which naturally raises me to celebrity status in the

Space Station keeping watch!

world of Amatuer Astronomy 🙂 It was slighty cloudy when we arrived but it cleared nicely to have a view of Saturn through their big telelscope.  We saw the Milky Way almost every night when we were there, and it is so incredibly gorgeous!!!  It is always cool to see the  International Space Station which we saw 2 nights in a row. Many meteors were also seen in the beautiful dark sky.  With our new telescope,  we hope to continue with our ( OK maybe Larry”s ) new hobby of astronomy in our travels.


Caving with Mike and Kate.

The first multiple nights guests arrived in the form of Kate Moros and her boyfriend Mike.  They are also avid cyclists and outdoor people so we enjoyed cycling and visiting The Grotto with them.  Although the day was misty when we arrived at the Grotto it is a beautiful place to hike, swim and jump off rocks into the water. We also explored another cool place called Greig’s Caves.  You hike down the side of the escarpment and you come across these intereresting caves.  Lots of good food was consumed while they were visting,  especially from an awesome bakery outside of Tobermory called The Little Tub Bakery, highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area.

Bob and Connie’s property outside Tobermory.

Bob  ( imagine, Bob  is a cousin of Larry’s) and Connie own a beautiful piece of property up there and so Lynn ( Bob’s brother and another cousin of Larry’s ) and his wife Julie came up on the weekend and we spent another beautiful afternoon with them at their property.

…exploring Stokes Bay.

The campground, Heron Point, was very nice.  It was small, only 50 sites and the owner was very friendly and chatty.  We befriended the most cutest little jack russel terrier, Stryder, who fulfilled my dog need for the time we were there.  It is located right on Stokes Bay, so every night we walked the 2 min. down to the water and watched the sun set, very peaceful.

(To see more pictures from this part of our trip click here!)


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