Back in Canada! Heading to the County September 13-25, 2016

So, after a wonderful 5 week adventure away from our adventure we are back in Canada. This morning we woke up again at Lynn and Julie’s but not in our RV yet, in their new camper!  After spending half the day with Mom we then went and picked up Juergen the RV from our old farm and moved back into it.  We were back in New Hamburg for a few days taking care of some household things, before we folded things up and started to head east.  With a quick stop in Brampton to see Tante Ush  (a very good long-time family friend ) we drove on to a our campground east of Bowmanville for the night.  After setting up we hopped onto Larry’s motorcycle and drove back into Bowmanville to have dinner with our friend Heather and her daughter, Hannah.

…view out our front window!
…setting sun in our backyard.
…one of our first stops, Karlo Estates Winery

After the quick stop at Bowmanville we headed to Prince Edward County and our campground on West Lake where we looked out of our front window at the water.  Home for the next ten days.  Our first course of action in the County was to get groceries and then a stop at our favourite County winery, Karlo Estates where we were happy to see that they had their fortified wine again.  Here we had something that we had not in a long time, rain.  We finally had a rain day where we

…these are the things we find when exploring!

watched The Lion King movie as well as looked at our Africa pictures to relive our trip.  The rain did not last long and the next day we were able to get back on our bicycles for the first time in a long time and started to explore.  After finding some new wineries, we decided to head back home and along the way we ran into Todd Lichti, one of my two cousins that live in

…Waupoos Cider, mmmmmmmmm!

the County, at an intersection.  This is what happens in the County!  The next few days were spent cycling to wineries and then going back to pick up the wine on our motorcycles.  We met Bart and Connie for lunch in Wellington as they were doing a small cycling trip in the area.


…main crop in The County! Next to wine!!

We also had the pleasure of watching Isabella’s riding lesson before meeting Phil, Alex, Isabella and Hayden for dinner.  The next day after more exploring on the bicycles we visited with Todd, Melanie, Nova and Jooniper at their place in Picton.  It is fun meeting up with cousins that we do not see that much anymore.

…anyone interested?

We had visitors again!  Kate and Mike made the drive up from Fonthill to spend a day cycling in the county with us.  It did not disappoint, a nice 67 km loop over to Waupoos Cider and back.  After a quick one night stay on our pull out and a day of wine touring in their car we said goodbye to them and sent them on their way.  The next day was time for us to move on too!  So, after spending some good time with cousins and friends, drinking some great wine, watching the sun set over the water and cycling over 300 km it was time to hit the road again and head up the 401 to the 1000 Islands.

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