Back to the County, October 6 to 8, 2016

…Hayden and Isabella inspecting the RV from top to bottom!

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada!  We are headed back to Prince Edward County for a couple of nights and parking at Phil and Alex’s place.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons, one to do a wine harvest at The Grange of Prince Edward County and two, to spend time with Phil, Alex, Isabella and Hayden.

…hanging out with our cousins.

We arrived at the Bender Mayeski campground shortly after lunch and had a nice afternoon with Phil as he took off work and the three of us went for a motorcycle ride ending up at Hinterland for some craft beer.  Then

…copilot Isabella.

when Hayden and Isabella got home from school and Alex from work we had a nice dinner at their place.  Saturday morning we woke up to rain so our wine harvest was cancelled but our wine day was just delayed.  We had a nice lunch with wine tasting at the Grange and spent a couple of nice hours chatting with two ladies from

…copilot Hayden, on the way to his hockey game.

Quebec.  After a tour of the Grange we headed back to our RV and dinner out at the Barley Room with the family.

Before saying goodbye to them we went to Hayden’s hockey game in Tweed.  Isabella and Hayden drove with us in the RV to the game.  Hayden’s team won 7-5 in an exciting hockey game.  We said our goodbye’s in the parking lot and they headed back to New Hamburg for Thanksgiving at the Bender’s and we headed to Ottawa.  The drive there was spectacular with rocks and fall colours.

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