Williamsburg Virginia, November 10-19, 2016

America’s Historic Triangle

So, after standing on the grounds of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address we travelled south for almost five hours and set up home at the American

…the good old days…

Heritage RV Park just north of Williamsburg, VA.  This area is known as the “Historic Triangle” which consists of

…is the Navy watching us or the CIA?

Jamestown, famous for being the first English Settlement in 1607, Williamsburg, famous for being the “Capital” of the British Colony and Yorktown, famous for being the place General George Washington beat the British for the final

…fall colours and boardwalk

battle of the American Revolution in 1781.  These three towns are basically a living

…taking a break for some loving

museum of the Colonial times.  The area is also known for Camp Perry, otherwise known as “The Farm” for the CIA and Naval Station Norfolk which is the world’s largest Naval Base.  So, not only did we have a lot of history to explore we felt very

…cycling off the beaten path

safe. The weather was being very cycle friendly, with only one day of drizzle. The remainder of days were filled with sunshine, high teens and low twenties so we explored this area almost completely on our bicycles.  We covered 327 km from our campground to Yorktown down to Jamestown, through Williamsburg and up north to West Point.  Very nice rolling hills and good roads made the cycling very enjoyable.

…view from the saddle.

The landscape has lots of trees and  they were in their fall glory,  so it feels like we have had fall for over 8 weeks now!




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