Washington DC, November 19th to 28th

…our honorary home in DC

On our way to The Nations Capitol (American Style).  We packed up and left our motorcycle trailer at Williamsburg and will pick it up on our way back down to Myrtle Beach.  We travelled back up north, a couple of hours only with our motorhome.  This simplified things a little more in parking our home in DC and moving in with Wanda and Charles on Capital Hill.

…great seats but no heat!

Wanda and Amy drove south from the city to Dale City to meet us.  They did this so that Wanda could exchange seats with June and ride in the RV.  This also helped with getting into Arlington where we were parking the motorhome at the Thompsons place for the week.  Thank you

…NFL action

Curt and Phyllis.  Arriving on a Saturday afternoon in the suburbs of a big city there were many neigbours outside, who apparently had never witnessed somebody back up a 38ft by 8 1/2ft motorhome into a 78 by 9ft driveway!  One neighbour was even taking pictures.  Of course Larry was not flustered at all and backed it in like an expert!

…the newest Smithsonian museum

Wow, what a week we were in for!  It is always great to see Wanda and Charles and our extended DC family!  Kim, Amy, Erica, Olivia and Angela, then Robin and Kim as well as Greta, Phil and Gail too!

…simple protest of the new government

It started with a very nice Sunday lunch with fellow RVers, Karyl and David with some nice South African peri peri chicken and lots of RV talk.  This was followed by a very cold but very fun NFL game Sunday night, the Redskins were victorious over the Packers.

…used book store in Eastern Market, great signs!

Unfortunately the metro system stops running at 11:30 so we had to leave just after the 4th quarter started. Apparently they will not run it longer to accommodate the hundreds of people who go to games.

…stunning colours on our walk with Kim and Amy in the National Arboretum

It makes very little sense and there were lots of people who were not very happy about this!  We have always wanted to experience a Skins game with Charles, now someday we want to experience one where the temperature is above freezing.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is the latest Smithsonian Museum in DC and we booked tickets two months in advance to go.  We were there for 4.5 hours and made it through the first two floors!!!  So, our journey started in the early

…only a portion of the Thanksgiving Day Feast

years of the 1400s with the beginning of the Slave Trade to North America  through Emancipation and onward to the Civil Rights Movement.  This was a timely visit for us since we had recently returned from our Africa trip where we also learned about the start of  the slave

…another amazing feast at Robin’s

trade. We remand there until they closed the door with lots more to see, I guess another visit is required, or two.

Since it was Thanksgiving week, Wanda only had to work Monday and Tuesday, yeah!  We spent the whole day with her on Wednesday and had an amazing lunch with

…Erica, Olivia & Angela

the wonderful and beautiful ( younger ) Johnson  women. A great day!

We were lucky enough to have Greta get us two tickets for Carousel at Arena Stage where she is the Director of Media Relations.  It was an amazing show with great seats we were so close to the action we could have touched them ( Larry did get spat on ).  Great show, Great Venue!!

Now, one of the main reasons for the visit was to celebrate

…handprint of a baker

Thanksgiving with our American DC Family.  What a celebration it was.  Robin offered her home and culinary skills and put on a feast by taking care of the main dishes with everyone else chipping in.  We had a great afternoon and evening stuffing ourselves and discussing many different things!

…pumpkin pie inside a chocolate cake, amazing

Saturday night brought an African themed house party at Wanda and Charles home.  With 17 VIP guests invited for a fun filled evening of African Safari  pictures as well as dinner that featured “Snow on Kilimanjaro”. Dessert was an amazing pie-caken (pumpkin pie inside a chocolate cake made by Wanda and June).  Then Sunday morning we had our traditional breakfast at Eastern Market with

…Africa Safari night

Charles but this time Greta joined us instead of Wanda who was not up for it this time around.  We then gave a “showing” of our home to Robin, Kim and Greta before heading over to the Johnsons to say our goodbyes.  With one last walk down

…Greta joined our traditional Eastern Market breakfast this visit

around the Capitol to see the dome lit up in the evening we settled into a quiet evening at home.

Monday came way to quickly and it was time to move on again. So with a big hug, and a few tears we said goodbye to Wanda

…the Capital Building

after she dropped us off.  Charles was not done as early in the day and left way to early in the morning so we had said goodbye Sunday night before we went to sleep.  DC, we will visit you again but for now time to move south to warmer pastures!



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