Myrtle Beach State Park, November 29th to December 13th

…our beach

welcome-to-myrtle-beachSo, after an action packed and emotional visit to Washington DC we headed south and with a quick one night stop back at Williamsburg to break up the drive and pick up our trailer we headed further south and to the coast.  We pulled into Myrtle Beach State Park about seven weeks after Matthew’s visit, that is Hurricane

…the Myrtle Beach boardwalk

Matthew!  Even though we thought  most of the damage had been cleaned up in the area there were still evidence of his force.  With over 200 trees in the park being blown over, signs from the area businesses and even a few hotels along the strip still showing damage.

Our weather however was not near as violent and most days were perfect for cycling.  Only one night in the two weeks where the mercury dipped below freezing and most days were high teens or low twenties.

…our fellow beach buddy
…furry friend!
…and more furry friends.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach at sundown so our first sight of the ocean was quick and the next morning we started to explore.  We took the four minute walk to the beach and one of the first things we noticed was that the people on the beach were out numbered by dogs and horses!  Perfect!

Since it was the end of November the park was half empty and the town almost deserted, so we cycled and explored.  Since we were confined by the Ocean to the east


and a major highway to the west we went north and south.   Huntington Beach State Park where we did not see any alligators because of the

…boiled peanuts, warm and tasty!

cool weather, but there were lot’s of cranes and egrets..  Cycling along the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, over to the Marina and along the river as well.

However, there were two days where the

…Santa’s house in Charleston

mercury did not get above eight degrees so we rented a car for the two hour drive to Charleston instead of taking the motorbikes.  Here we walked around looking at the “mansions” of the early 1700s when this was a walled city. Enjoyed some shrimp and grits and looked at Fort Sumter from across the bay.


…early morning colours
…sunset colours in the eastern sky!


…colours of the setting sun

Everyday we had the pleasure of walking on the beach, we saw the sunrise but mostly the sunset.  We would go for brisk six to eight kilometer walks in the sand.  One note here was that it was cool and we had to wear more clothes for our walks then we normally do on beaches.  However, we did find the perfect shell and a nice little blown glass trinket in the sand.


…nitrogen infused cocktail!

With so many restaurants to choose from we had asked for advice from our friendly bike shop guys and they recommended 2 “local” places for us to eat . A sushi/hamburger spot and a small pub , so we took their advice and they did not disappoint!  Eating out is something we are “struggling” with.  We are trying to limit ourselves with only going out once or twice a week, but it is so hard!


…treasures from the sea!
…Rudolph and our tree!

As the cold moved into the north even South Carolina was not safe from it and it was time to head down the I-95 to Florida.  So, we packed up and left Myrtle Beach for sun and warmth and more adventure.



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