St Augustine, Florida, December 13th to 22nd

Our home on the beach!
…the rising sun from our rooftop!

So, after being at the Bryn Mawr RV Resort in St. Augustine, Florida for less then 24 hours we realized we really love this place.  Is it the sunset colours reflecting over the water, is it the sunrise coming up over the Atlantic, or, is it the fact the our bedroom window looks out onto the beach and the Atlantic Ocean?  It could be any of the above but we really think it is a great place.

…sunset and boardwalk over dunes
…colours in the sky and sand.
…super moon over the Atlantic.

Most days started with the morning sunrise through our bedroom window (or from the roof top) and after our breakfast and coffee we explored on our bicycles.  We had fun with the local craft/farmer’s markets where June had her treasure from Myrtle Beach made into a necklace and we sampled and bought some

…roadway on the sand.

very good tasting food.  The roads that ran up and down the coast had bike lanes so it made it easier for safe cycling. When we went south we ended up going through Marineland!  Not quite the same as in Niagara Falls but still Marineland.


…literally the open sky
…colourful view!
…pristine beach
…the fort and the lights
…open bridge

Since we were on the east coast sunrise was impressive over the water but the one sunset we saw was special for another reason.  We were sitting in the open cockpit of a 1935 replica bi-plane.  We had an incredible flight that took us along the coast, over the city of St Augustine as well as over our campsite.  As the sun set and the Christmas lights of the city came on , it was a very special visual experience.  After we landed  ( I really don’t think we came down to earth for a couple hours later ) we went into St Augustine and found

…Christmas lights

a nice little outdoor restaurant in the narrow old streets for dinner.  Afterwards we walked around to see the lights and came upon the oldest Catholic Cathedral in the US and there was a free classical guitar concert that was about to start.  It was a lovely way to finish a great day.

…can you spot the ghostly face?

A few days later we  had another nice dinner at an actual old ice plant which has been converted into a restaurant/bar, amazing. We had been wanting to do a ghost walk for a long time and thought what a better place to do it than the oldest settlement in the US!? Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down and not at all scary!

…salt life, simple beach…

Salt Life, is a saying of just living the simple life by the beach and everything that comes with it.  It is also a restaurant on St Augustine Beach where not only the food was good but also some of the best margaritas we have tasted so far.

…a young friend!

No day was complete until we went for a walk on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean.  Here we usually ran into some furry friends out for

…make sure you look both ways

walks.  This made each walk special.  The other fun thing with this beach was there is an actual sand road that you could use to drive onto the beach and park for the day.  You can see it on google street view!


…a festive meal.
…our home.

With the holidays approaching we noticed that many people were decorating their RV’s with lights.  We had brought along some red and green tree lights so we hung them on our gazebo, which made it feel more like home! Our beautiful spot on the beach was very hard  to leave, but, it was time to move on.


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