Sunset Isle, Carrabelle Florida, February 17th to 21st

We pulled out of New Orleans early on the 17th knowing it would be a long days drive.  Our final destination today is the northeast corner of the Gulf of Mexico,  a quiet little fishing village called Carrabelle, Florida at Sunset Isle RV and Yacht Club.

On our way back east, we went through Pass Christian in Mississippi again ( where cousin Carolyn lives ) and since John had come home from the hospital we stopped  for a coffee.  After a quick visit it was back on the road again.

Sunset Isle
…our spot for a few nights

The drive took us past some familiar territory, as we stayed close to the Gulf shore and went through Destin, FL again.  This allowed us to fill up with gas at “our” gas station which turned out to be the cheapest, which is always a good feeling.  We also filled up with groceries in a familiar grocery store. The best part of this stop was that it is right by the Donut Hole!  Which although was sold out of most of their donuts, they still had some amazing key lime pie and the second best carrot cake that June has ever had.  ( Her number one choice is still from The Waterlot in New Hamburg )

…this is their police station!
…and the story!

It was dark when we pulled in to the resort, but we did notice that the road was all beautiful flagstone, and thought this must be a pretty fancy resort.  When the sun came up in the morning, we went for a short walk around ( only about 30 rv sites ) and got the full story about what and why there was a pavestone road.  We knew before we arrived that we would be in a “dead zone” for our cell coverage, but were happy to discover that the resort had cable and wi-fi, so we were not completely off the grid.

…bridge to St George Island!
…but watch out for birds!

When the sun came up the next morning we decided that this was a beautiful little RV park but, other then fishing there was  not a lot to do.  Luckily the road we could cycle on was a good one and ran along the Gulf in both directions.  The first day was a quick little 40 km ride that took us east through Carrabelle and along the Gulf.  This little town’s “claim to fame” is that it ahs the smallest police station in the U.S – it is a phone booth! The ride allowed us views of the Gulf shore and lots of long leaf pines that we have seen all over the South.  On our way home we stopped at the local seafood shop and picked up two beautiful tuna steaks for supper.  Larry rubbed them in coconut oil and barbecued them, very tasty! The following day we went west

…training for D-Day took place here.
…and these were the two beaches used.

and saw what we missed by driving in the dark the night before.  The 25 km stretch back towards Eastpoint and Apalachicola was visually some of the nicest cycling  that we have had in a long time.  It was a two lane highway and ran directly along the shoreline.  This day we decided to cycle over the causeway to St. George Island.  It is a nice little vacation town and State park sitting in the Gulf.  This was one of our longer rides in a while and it featured a nice long sweeping bridge that is one of the few ways to find hills here in Florida.


…downtown in Apalachicola

Since we had cycled about 70 km the previous day today we drove the Harleys into Apalachicola to explore the old town.  It was one of the largest Port Cities in Florida during the mid-1800s.  Today it is a quaint little town that has lots of boutique shops and restaurants.  The drive in was the same road we cycled

…over 20 km right along the Gulf!

yesterday which is always an amazing feeling driving along the edge of the ocean with the motorcycles.  Since we had spoiled ourselves a little with an old fashion milkshake at the Old Time Soda Fountain Shop and some hand made chocolates at the chocolate shop we had to hop on the bicycles for a quick 25 km ride when we got home and then of course did our workout.


This was a nice little three day stop which was long enough for us non-fishing people.  It was time to say good bye to the Gulf of Mexico and head back to the Atlantic and the north east corner of Florida.

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