Back to Elkhart, April 17th to 20th

Our trip from Washington back to Elkhart went as planned.  We stopped for the night and only made one stop on our way to Elkhart and that was Rise and Roll Bakery for a few cinnamon caramel donuts to share with Clare and Katie Ann with our morning coffee!

Our first stop was to go to Forest River and pick up our shiny new (ok, not new but fixed) motorhome.  After going through all the repairs they did we headed to Clare and Katie Ann’s place to put our home back together.   It was a lot easier putting things back into Juergen then the first time almost a year ago when we packed him.  After an hour or so of cleaning and packing we decided it was time to share another bottle of wine with our hosts.  This means, work was done for the day.

Once Laura arrived we sat down for dinner.  This dinner was a very unique but tasty dinner.  The house smelled amazing as the crock pot was cooking chili.  The chili was then put on top of a serving of mashed potatoes.  You have to try it!  It was an amazing combination and is one we will use in the future.  The evening went by too quickly and it was time to hug Laura good-bye.  It was such a great visit and one we will definitely do again.

We cannot believe it, but, we are down to our last full day of our first US adventure.  This was spent returning our rental car and finishing packing the RV.  After dropping off the car we had a quick lunch in Elkhart at a diner and then did some walking around.  Elkhart downtown was not as vibrant as Goshen’s but after going in a few shops and ordering a “thank you” flower arrangement for Clare and Katie Ann we headed back to their place.  When plans for going for a cycle were washed out by the rain we just relaxed for a bit before going out for some Thai food for our last US dinner.  We then ended up back in the living room for some more conversation and this time looked at some wedding pictures of theirs as well as Mom and Dad’s.  Bedtime came too soon again.

…our gracious hosts!

In the morning it was time to get ready to leave our brick and mortar home base and move back into our home on wheels.  We were excited and ready to get back on the road,  but with heavy hearts we said our good-byes, but vowed to return.

We left Indiana and the drive through Michigan to the Ambassador Bridge back into Canada was uneventful.  Uneventful but rough, as the roads in Michigan leave nothing to be desired!  We rolled up to the Canadian Customs Border Booth with no lineup at all.  After a few questions we were welcomed back into Canada in a process that took less then a minute and we were driving down the 401 again!

After 6 months and 14 States in the USA, 11,500km in the motorhome, 5000km on the bicycles, 2500km on the motorcycles and many, many km’s walked on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean we are happy to be back in Canada.


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