Leamington, Ontario and Point Pelee National Park, April 20th to May 13th

Well, here we are back in Canada.  It is early spring and as we are about to find out it will be one of the coolest, wettest springs in a

…finally a break in the rain!


…Point Pelee National Park

long time.  We arrived at Sturgeon Woods RV and Family Campground in the pouring rain and hooked up in what looked like a small lake.  When the sun came out and dried things up, it turned out to be a pretty good site looking out onto a farmer’s field and we even have a small lawn.


Our location is  just a little over 3

kilometers from the entrance to Point Pelee National Park.  A couple bonuses to this is the fact that it is Canada’s 150th Anniversary this year and to

celebrate all the National Parks have free admission.  We took advantage of this and visited the park many times.  The other bonus is that the park is very well known in the birding

circles as a prime spot to see the song bird spring migration.  Now, we would not consider ourselves to be true “birders”


Bird Festival at Pelee!
…a Scarlet Tanager
…helping clean up the park!

( we DID have to buy a bird book ) but we did document 50 different types of birds in our short stay in the area.  We even had the chance to volunteer on Earth Day and help clean up West Beach in the park.


We also had a chance to reconnect with some friends that we met down in St Augustine.  Bandit, as well as Bandit’s parents, Doug and Becky live in the Leamington area so we had numerous visits with them.  They also picked us up

and took us to Erieau where we meet up with June’s brother Peter and a couple of his friends at the body shop where his Mercedes’s is being rebuilt.  This also allowed us to have our first taste of fresh perch from the lake at the local pub.  Not only did we visit friends, we had a visit

…ready for Kate and Mike!


…Becky, Bandit and Doug!
…Peter and his Mercedes!

from friends!  Kate and Mike made the trip to the Point from the Falls but instead of cycling with them, this time we headed into the park and hiked and birded instead.  Another perch dinner and an overnight stay made their visit complete.


Our time in the Point Pelee / Leamington area passed quickly and even with the large amount of rain and strong winds we still managed to cycle the area roads and hike most of the Park.  We saw the

“Point” come and go as the currents of the lake change the shape of the tip of Canada.  So, between reconnecting with friends, seeing some amazing birds, eating some fresh fish and just riding out some rain and wind our

…the Tip or Point of Canada!

stay was a good one and one we might have to do again!




(click here to see more birding pics from Point Pelee)


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