New Hamburg and Area, May 13th to June 2nd

Going Home!  Well, visiting it anyway.

…boondocking in style!

Our visit started with us parking just outside of New Hamburg at the Jardin’s residence for a couple of nights.  Saturday was Larry’s birthday so we had a very nice 50th celebration with Leslie, Steve, Sam and Linda helping to celebrate.  The next morning was Mother’s Day so a trip to Tavistock to have morning coffee with Mom was in order. Leslie invited us to join them, and Steve’s parents for a lovely Mother’s Day brunch


which we enjoyed so much! Lynn and Julie came and picked us up and we went to an afternoon performance by the TCP.  This year, The Community Players performed Mary Poppins and once again, did an outstanding job.  After the play we headed back to their place in


Walker Woods for another BD  celebration dinner and some amazing homemade Key Lime pie for dessert, thanks Makayla! Monday morning came very quickly and it was time to just relax,enjoy the spring air, and have coffee on the deck with Leslie and Steve before heading over to the edge of Cambridge and our campsite at Whistle Bare Campground.


Our site here was a nice large, tree lined spot where we were greeted by a singing Baltimore Oriole after we had set up.  From here we were able to take care of some doctor, dentist, massage and hair cut appointments as well as finally getting back on our bicycles and experiencing riding  hills again.  We also discovered Barrie’s Asparagus Farm Market, (amazing) which was only 5 km from the park. The different types of product  that were made with asparagus was interesting, and we stocked up on lots of chutney, relish and antipasto!

…ready to enjoy some Chinese food!

May 2-4!  Canada’s official start to summer came as we were back “home”.  This weekend we spent “cat sitting” for Lynn and Julie and we left our tree lined campsite to move to our tree lined drive at 2059 Walker Road.  We took advantage of our spot in Walker Woods to do laundry, have Megan over for coffee and Mom (Joyce) and Earl and Ferne in for some Le-On’s Chinese food.

…relaxing afternoon!

After the holiday weekend we moved back to our site at Whistle Bare, cycled some more along the Grand River, golfed with Leslie and Steve at Doon Valley Golf Course and enjoyed donuts, spring rolls and more at the Mennonite Relief Sale.

Before we knew it, it was May 31st and the final day of our first year of RV living.  We can hardly believe it has been a year.  We got to close out our first year with a very tasty lamb chop dinner at the home of Nicole and Virgil Ardelean and their three boys.  It was nice seeing them as we spent many years running our business’s side by side.

…collecting stickers as we go!

We are much wiser now then we were a year ago, there have been many emotional days,  but have settled in to a good routine and it has become normal.  So, in the first year of travel we have been able to travel around Ontario, sleep in 14 different US states, spend a month in Africa and a week visiting family and friends in Germany.  We have put 11,861 km on Juergen our motorhome, 4,624 km on our Harleys and 6,094 km on our bicycles. Bring on Year 2!!

2 comments on New Hamburg and Area, May 13th to June 2nd

  1. Hey, it was fun following along your year 1 adventure!
    Man, you put more km on your bicycles then the Harleys, it would definitely be the opposite for me LOL ;o)

    It was really good seeing you 2 again, we enjoyed have you guys over, don’t hesitate to stop in for more lamb chops, it’s one of Nicole’s favourites!

    We’re looking forward to year 2……..bring it on indeed! ! !

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