London and Copenhagen, July 3rd to July 10th 2017

Happy Retirement Peter!  We finally arrived home from Ottawa and as of July 1st Peter is officially retired.  So, before going to bed we had a toast of Champagne to celebrate.

…visiting with Jackie and Julie
…at Western Astronomy Department

Our London stay started off with a Retirement Party for Peter at their place.  It was a nice evening weather wise and the party started off outside but spilled into the house.  The barbeque was good, the desserts plentiful and very tasty.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the last to leave were well into the night.  It seemed our stay in London revolved around eating!  The next night we reconnected with Jacquie and Julie and had the Jedicke clan over to their place for another barbeque.  It was great seeing them again after all these years.  Then Thursday evening it was dinner with the Venga Family, a reduced version however as it was only three instead of five this time but another fun evening.  Thursday we also had the pleasure of sitting in on Robert’s talk to the Western Astronomy Department.  The talk was about mining water from asteroids.  With all this eating and entertaining we had to find some time to cycle and we were able to fit  in a few days with some rides north of the city.

Before we said our goodbyes Friday morning to Robert and Trina we had a Jedicke Eierkuchen reinvention of a family dish when they were young. It took a few tries but with a combined effort from the three Jedickes they feel they nailed it and it was a fun way of spending our last breakfast together.

Robert and Trina headed to Western and then the train station and Peter and Dianne took us out to Thorndale to pick up our motorhome and we said our goodbyes.

…our home and John and Colleen’s too!
…Copenhagen Gang!

This time we headed south to Copenhagen to John and Colleen Elliott’s ( Cousin of Larry’s ).  Copenhagen is a small hamlet just north west of Port Burwell.  They have a beautiful home with a large lot and a small community “park” beside them.  This is where we parked our home and it was time for dinner.  We went into Aylmer to a Thai Restaurant owned by a Mexican Mennonite family.  An interesting combination, but some really good food.  We enjoyed our stay at our Elliott

…us with Jan, Colleen and Steve

Campground.  We have a newly formed motorcycle/scooter gang which we hit the road in the area a couple times for rides and had lots of interesting conversation, a bonfire in their backyard and a star gazing night with our telescope.  We also had the chance to see Jan and Steve again with a fun afternoon visit at their place 1 hour east along Lake Erie.  It was fun chatting with them again since we saw them last in Florida. We then had to stop by Judy and John’s cottage to say hi on our way back to Copenhagen as Judy was the only one of Glen and Mary Ellen’s girls we had not seen in the last month and had to make the visits complete!  A perch dinner at Port Burwell to finish off our Sunday was timed perfect for the ride home as the sun was setting.  We had a great time visiting but our next adventure was waiting and so we said good bye and started heading north again.


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