Ottawa for Canada Day 2017, June 25th to July 3rd

…Happy 150th Birthday!

Happy 150th Canada!!!

After a brief stay at Lynn and Julie’s in Walker Woods outside of New Hamburg we took the RV over to Wayne and Sharon’s and spent the night with them.  The next morning we were picked up by Peter and Dianne and left the RV parked at the farm and headed towards Ottawa.  A brief stop at the Toronto Airport to pick up Robert (Trina had to fly to Nevada to be with her Mom as her Step Dad passed away and will join us as we head back to London) and then took the long way to Ottawa via Algonquin Park and Barry’s Bay to drop Robert off at John and Jeanette’s cottage for a few days.

…our finished paintings!
…tunnel entrance to the Deifenbunker!

Peter and Dianne and June and I continued on to Elm Street and the Green/Kapitaniuk residence.  As we waited for Canada Day to arrive we filled our time with an Art Class taught by Lois where June, Larry and Dianne were the only students. We all painted different birds, and they all turned out beautifully! Must have been the teacher!  Olivia and June had their nails done for Canada Day and then Friday afternoon when Robert was dropped off the three of us went to Salt for some cocktails

…Mounties, Royalty and Parliament!

and catch up time.  Friday evening was spent with the RASC crowd and a bus trip out to the Deifenbunker, a cold war secret bunker to house the Canadian Government in case of a nuclear war. Canada Day Weekend in Ottawa was a wet one but by some lucky planning we did not get wet.  On Canada Day we had a leisurely morning before going for a walk around the festivities after the morning showers.  We ended up watching a big

…feeling Patriotic!

screen with Prince Charles giving his address as we could see Parliament Hill from across the Ottawa River.   We then walked through the Mosaiculture in Jacque Cartier Park that was spectacular, a floral display commemorating Canada’s 150th.  Then continued to walk around the front of Parliament, not on the Hill however as that was blocked off and by now the line ups were hours long, so, through the crowds we went and headed back to Elm Street.  We got home in time to have a drink before going over to a barbeque at the neighbours.  To end the festivities there was a firework display from multiple locations centered around the Parliament Buildings. It was much easier to get onto the Hill on Sunday July 2nd and as we were walking up to it there was fly overs by some old war planes, new planes and a nice display by the Canadian Snowbirds.  As quick as the weekend came it was over and Peter and Dianne (who spent most of their time at the RASC GA) were there to pick us up and we headed back to London.



Mosaic Canada 150: Well worth the drive to Ottawa to see!!!  Canada over the years in floral splendor!







Celebrating with Fireworks and the airshow with the Canadian Snowbirds!

















Once again we stopped at the Toronto Airport and picked up a passenger, this time it was Trina.  A brief stop at Tante Ush’s place in Bolton before continuing home.  It was a long day by the time we arrived at 82 Barrydale in London because we had to stop at the farm and pick up our RV, then drop it off at Terry and Kim’s place outside of Thorndale before finally arriving at Peter and Dianne’s.  It was a busy couple of days and quite the round trip to Ottawa but fun was had by all!

…the Gang!



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