Heading south for the winter, Nov. 11th to 16th 2017

The cold air is blowing in from the north west so it is time to head south east!

…ferry ride to the US

We left Victoria with a feeling that we need to return!  It was a 30 minute drive to Sydney where we caught the Washington State Ferry to Anacortes.  The three hour ferry ride took us through the islands of the Haro and Rosairo Straights.  We also had to go through US Customs again for the first time since our Idaho crossing back in August.  After about five minutes and a few questions, one being, did we learn our lesson last time?!  which we did, they waved us through without even looking in our empty pepperless fridge.  A much less painful and less expensive crossing this time!

…driving with the clouds above and below in Oregon!

The drive south in Washington State was mostly done in the dark with a little bit of rain but, we did manage to see hundreds of Snow Geese doing the same as us, heading to warmer weather!  The drive took us through (via the Interstate) Seattle which was nice to see lit up in all its glory. It was a long driving day, so our stay in the RV Park just off the interstate was spent mostly sleeping.

Our destination today was Boise Idaho.  Now, Boise Idaho you ask, why?   The drive through northern Oregon along the Columbia River was picturesque, but the main reason for stopping was to see two lovely ladies that we met in South Africa a little over a year ago.  Crystal and Niki treated us to a wonderful evening at the 10 Barrel Brew Pub downtown Boise for dinner.  It was so nice catching up with them and yes, Cheyenne, you were missed.

…view from the road!

Our next stop was the KOA campground outside of Provo Utah, about 15 minutes south of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15.  What a beautiful drive in the countryside, from mountain ranges covered in snow to mega dairy farms we passed the 600 plus kilometers in no time.  Hitting Salt Lake City at rush hour was ok because we got to view the beauty of the Rocky Mountains around us and the setting sun in the west.

This relocation to Arizona was a lot of driving with not much time for sightseeing, but what amazing vistas!  By the end of our fourth day on the road we had covered 2400 kilometers through six states.  The drive down I-15 from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas is spectacular.  The mountains and red rocks of Utah  ( where Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park are, a destination for later ) was spectacular to say the least.

…drive through the country!


Then there is about a 50 kilometer stretch where the I-15 goes through the north west corner of Arizona, through some unbelievable red rock canyons, breathtaking!  So awesome to be sitting in your living room looking out your big picture window, wait, I mean sitting in your motorhome looking out the big front window!!


…reconnecting with friends!

The drive into Vegas was uneventful, arriving there with the sun low in the sky casting a ghostly silhouette image of the Vegas skyline.  This time in Vegas we did not go to the Strip, we parked at the KOA at Sam’s Town for two nights.  We needed a day to relax and not drive so with the 25C’ sunshine this made a nice spot to do that.  It also gave us a chance to have Barb (our sister in law Trina’s mom) over for dinner.

Driving past Hoover Dam to Kingman, Arizona and towards Flagstaff was not as scenic as the few previous days. With an impromptu stop in Flagstaff in the Walmart parking lot ( where we picked up some poinsettias and cacti ) we had a brief visit with Vicky and Paul.  The final drive down to Sedona was quick, and as we pulled into Rancho Sedona RV Resort the sunset was spectacular!


…more spectacular views from the road!
…Vegas skyline
…dinner with Barb!








Our relocation complete and our new location was stunning, time for some rest as our stay in Sedona is going to be a busy one!

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