Roswell and Carlsbad Caverns; February 24th to March 3rd, 2018

White Sands was so amazing we had to stop once more on our drive to Tularosa.  This time, with Juergen and our trailer in tow we drove the “loop drive” around the park.  It was a great photo opportunity for our home against the white sand.

…a great photo op!
…our parking spot!

Our next stop was Tularosa Winery for the night.  This was another Harvest Host location.  No charge for spending the night on the winery, only another 14 bottles of wine!  We arrived late afternoon and were greeted by Teddy, a very large Great Pyrenees dog but a gentle giant.  We met and chatted with the 81 year old owner of the winery who grew up in the Finger Lakes of New York State on a dairy farm.  During our wine tasting we asked about the area, and one suggestion was to go see the Three Rivers Petroglyph.  So, when we left in the morning that is where we went. It is a small park on some BLM land in front of the Sierra Blanca mountain peak.  It had three beautiful RV sites that are a first come, first serve basis which will be a great place to stay some day. The location is host to over 21,000 petroglyphs.  There is a trail that takes you in and around the rocks where the images are carved.  It is like a scavenger hunt that was created between 600 and 1000 years ago.

…1000 year old petroglyphs!
…do you believe???
…Ronald and the aliens!

Our next location was an “out of this world” experience, Roswell, New Mexico.  This is the home of the UFO Museum and Research Centre due to the UFO crash in 1947 north of the town.  You can believe this happened, or not.  We toured the museum and we have to say we think we fall in the category of non believers.  We had lunch in the McDonalds in town that was in the shape of a UFO.  Not as convincing as the Flying Saucer in Niagara Falls, but still interesting.

Then we moved south to Carlsbad Caverns.  WOW!! The Caverns are 250 metres below the surface and are absolutely amazing!  It was like being in a fairy land.

…beauty below!

It really is difficult to describe, other than, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This should be a MUST see for people! Our first day, we drove the motorcycles up and walked down into the caverns and toured the Big Room, which is the largest single cave chamber in North America. It can house 2 US Capital Buildings, with room to spare!   All you can do is look at

…82 years old & 3 cm long!

everything and stare with your mouth open, due to the enormity and beauty that surrounds you. The signature formation of this room is what they call   ” The Chandelier” a group of huge stalactites, and it did not disappoint us!! Due to all of this splendour, it took us 4 hrs to walk around! We had to run back up because we knew the doors were closing and we thought we might get locked in! 🙂 The next morning we went back and did a guided tour of The King’s Palace, an area that is only accessible with a guide. This room was even more captivating!! At one point the guide pointed out some 3cm stalactites that have taken 82 years to grow, so it really helped to give you some understanding on

…so how old are these?

the length of time that it takes for them to grow.  She then turned out all the lights and it was SO incredibly dark your eyes could not adjust to the darkness. Since that tour was only 1hr, we were able to walk around the Big Room again, yeah!! Once back outside in the beautiful sunshine we decided to get on our bicycles and cycle back up the hill ( 360m ), what a great ride!  Our accommodations here were interesting. We chose this “campground” because of the excellent location, but it was literally a parking lot on the side of the road. Once again our neighbours were delightful, a couple with 2 children ( 6 and 10 ) who were being homeschooled and were a lot of fun.

More images of the beauty from below!






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  1. Ok, so my claustrophobia kicked in just looking at these pics. If we ever get there Ron would have to go down by himself!😧

  2. It’s a rainy day here in West Yellowstone so I finally have a few moments to view your blog. Really well done, I must say. I hope your travels continue to go well. Perhaps we can get together again if you come around our neck of the woods. Janet and I would love to show you around. Be well.

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