Texas; Galveston Island, March 24th to April 1st, 2018

After 2 days of driving we found our way, once again, to the Gulf Coast of east Texas.  This time we were south of Houston on Galveston Island.  As we pulled in and looked around we noticed that we were in the Canadian zone again with the 3 sites across from us displaying Ontario license plates!

…an angry Gulf!

Similar to our week stay at Port Aransas we once again were on an island that is long and narrow with one road down the middle.  This limited our cycling, but we were able to still ride and did a few nice cycles.  We also got back into the nice routine of walking the beach. No drunken crazy college students for entertainment here, so we noticed A LOT of garbage on the beach.  On our 5 walks we picked up at least 12 grocery bags of garbage! The most popular pieces were plastic bottle caps but, also numerous shoes and toothbrushes too.

…things are big in Texas!

We were also very excited to eat fresh fish again!!  We visited Katie’s Fish Market in Galveston which is a local famous fish market and bought salmon and snapper to cook for supper.  One afternoon was spent walking the old downtown core of Galveston, where we enjoyed a very lovely Italian meal for lunch. The downtown was a little disappointing with mainly tourist shops and chain-like party restaurants, that is why we ate Italian food.

…one of our neighbours!

It was not all sunshine and fun on the Island however.  For most of the one evening we were under a tornado watch.  So after checking the weather and seeing that the watch expired at 21:00, we went to bed with only howling wind and rain to lull us to sleep. At 3 am we were woken up by a very violent downburst which literally shook the whole RV, and we were scared!  With the wind noise and lots of glass clanging it sounded like the side was being ripped off our home.  Turns out the very violent wind was shaking the RV, which was rattling our glass liquor bottles against our glass tile back splash! We did not sleep for the next two hours as the storm raged on.  The next morning we of course were talking with all the other people in the park and they had also been very scared at 3 am! Luckily there was no damage done in the park, but there were some reports of small tornados not far from us. This was the 8th time we have been under a tornado watch, and it is NOT fun.

We had a couple of nice sunsets at the park.  A few we watched from the rooftop of our home and one with our neighbours and fellow Canadians, Harold & Gloria and Gerry.  Larry also shared a beautiful sunrise over the Gulf with them the next morning ( while June was sleeping )

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