Dublin; July 3rd to 5th

Next stop Dublin and drinking beer!!!  With another Airbnb booked in the downtown it was time to set out and explore the city. We were starving, so the first thing to do was find a pub to have something to eat.

…our neighbourhood pub!

This is a very easy job in Dublin as there are basically four pubs on every corner. It turns out that from our apartment we had to walk only two minutes to Ireland’s oldest pub.  OK, there are a lot of claims in Ireland that they are the oldest pub, so we will just say that this one is very

…The Crypt

old, established in 1198 AD.  With some fish and chips and bangers and mash in our stomachs, and of course, beer and cider, we headed off to explore.  We went up in the belfry in Christ Church Cathedral and were very lucky to be able to ring the church bells for everyone downtown to hear, what fun!!! It was founded in 1030, and the famous Anglo-Norman, Richard “Strongbow” de Clare is buried here. It also has the largest cathedral crypt in the UK. What a beautiful and historical building.

…Gate to an icon!

We walked the streets of Dublin enjoyed a Guinness on a sidewalk bar and walked through Trinity College where the book of Kells is kept (more on that later).

Of course we had to do one of the main attractions of Dublin which is a tour of the Guinness Factory.  It was a fun way to spend a few hours learning how beer is made, how to make a perfect Guinness and how to pour a perfect Guinness.

…St Patricks

This of course ALSO means that you get to drink a perfect Guinness from a beautiful bar area with a 360′ view of the city below you! ( There is a theme starting to develop ;), watch for it! ) Wrapping up our mini tour of Dublin, we visited St Patrick’s Cathedral. Founded in 1191, it has a 43 meter spire, which makes it the tallest and largest Cathedral in Ireland.  The church’s most famous Dean, from 1713- 1745, was Johnathon Swift, the writer of Gulliver’s Travels whose remains are buried there. Churches, pubs and black beer with a perfect head, made our two days in Dublin eventful.  Now it is time to catch the train to The North and head up to Belfast!


…pouring perfection!

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