Duluth, Minnesota and the Drive West; September 17th to 24th

southern shore of Lake Superior

It was time to drive across the bridge into Sault St Marie, Michigan and drive around the southern shores of Lake Superior to visit some friends in Duluth, Minnesota before we make the dash across the Prairies to Alberta.  Our crossing this time was seamless, June even got a compliment from the Border Agent on how clean our fridge was.

We were taking 2 days to get to Duluth, our first night was on the southern shore of Lake Superior just east of Marquette, Michigan.  The north wind was so strong there were 1.5  meter waves on the lake and a group of surfers surfing them!  It was so cold that they were wearing full body suits, to us that did not seem like fun.

Our second night was at a municipal park in Ashland, Wisconsin.  Our home was parked about ten meters from the shores of Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior.  Since it was a bay we were a little more sheltered and the waves were not quite as big as the night before.  Luckily we were able to stretch our legs and get in a nice cycle exploration of the town and surrounding area.

We have decided however that the northern Canadian route around Lake Superior is much more rugged and beautiful then the southern route.  The next morning we followed the water on our way to Duluth which gave us a little more scenic view then just hoping on the freeway and cutting across land.

exploring the area with Larry and Michael

When we arrived at our campsite outside of Duluth our friends Larry and Michael, and their two beautiful dogs, Gunner and Indy were there waiting for us.  Larry and Michael were great hosts and showed us around Duluth and area.  We toured the downtown and north of the city as well as Minnesota Point where they have a gorgeous house with incredible views.  It is also for sale if anyone is interested!

Gunner and Indy

They treated us to a wonderful home cooked salmon barbeque and good company.   Like I said, they were great hosts!  It was nice to reconnect with our friends that we met in Las Cruses, New Mexico and we look forward to the next time we see them on the road.

It was now time to make a mad dash across the Canadian Prairies as we crossed back into Canada into Northern Ontario. The next three days were spent driving with stops to spend the night in Kenora, Ontario, then Indian Head, Saskatchewan and then finally Medicine Hat, Alberta.

snowflakes on window

Other then a long flat road the “highlight” of all that driving was the two hour snowstorm on our way to Indian Head that June had to drive through and the three centimeters of snow on the ground when we arrived at our park. We had to remind ourselves that it is only September!

Our campground in Medicine Hat was on the edge of the city and along the river with a nice multi use pathway.  This gave us a nice walk before sunset where we were greeted by some horses as well as a small herd of mule deer.

the beauty of nature in the fall

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