Nashville, Tennessee; April 11-14, 2019

Next stop: Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is not only the capitol and most populous city in the State, but also the home of country music.

There are 2 reasons for coming to Nashville. The first, being the Grand Old Opry. With tickets for the Friday night show we got ready and ordered an Uber to take us the few kilometers down the road to the Opry House. As we were walking up to the office for our Uber to arrive the 2nd reason pulled into the campground. Ron, Virginia and Rocky were heading north to the Sault and were going to spend a couple nights in the park with us. More about them later!

The Grand Old Opry is not only a live music show but it also is a live radio broadcast. It is the longest running radio broadcast in the USA with the first broadcast starting on November 28, 1925. The show is comprised of 4 – 30 minute sets with a live announcer that reads the commercials in the breaks. We were entertained with music from modern country to traditional country to bluegrass and gospel.

There even is one live comedian performer thrown in for good measure. With lots of great entertainment our favourite act was the Annie Moses Band. They were a family affair, 5 siblings with the 3 oldest being schooled at Julliard. What an amazing experience that definitely comes with a price tag since we paid $100 per seat to sit in the first row bench in the balcony. The view was great and we are glad we did it.

The rest of our time was spent visiting. Due to Ron and Virginia’s driving issue the last couple years, Virginia’s brother James and his wife Gail flew down to drive the motorhome home. This way they did not have to tow the van behind them. With brunch at their place we hung out and caught up on their adventures as well as sharing some of ours. For dinner we drove downtown to Broadway Street, the heart of Nashville, with bars located on top of bars. Live bands playing in almost every one trying to get their sound heard.

Not only was it Saturday night downtown but it was also a home playoff game for the Nashville Predators NHL team and with the arena located also on Broadway the crowds were massive. So with Ron’s wheelchair creating a path in the crowds we made our way to The Underground where we found a table that would accommodate the 6 of us.

We had such a fun time feeling the vibe and seeing the lights of Music City. Sadly it was too short of a visit, so will be back!!

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  1. Love the KOA’s sign – of *course* it would have a guitar on it. 🙂

    Sounds like I need to add seeing a G’old Opera performance to my must-do list.

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