Washington, DC; April 19-28, 2019

Our mini vacation in Washington, DC started with our welcome group meeting us in a school parking lot in East Falls Church, Arlington. Wanda, Amy and Pam were there waiting for us with a smile on their faces, which matched the smile on ours! The reason for meeting in Arlington was that we were parking the motorhome and trailer at some friends home ( the MH at one house and the trailer at another ) for the next 9 days and moving into our bedroom at Wanda and Charles’ home. The backing in went relatively smooth but after unhooking and with the weight of the trailer off of the MH, the MH was a few inches higher. So, to pull out June had to stand on the ladder and hold up the wires so they wouldn’t get caught on the AC units. Free and clear of the wires it was time then to drive over to the Thompson’s home to park Juergen, we had parked there 2 years ago so there were no surprises there!

After loading our stuff load into the van we headed into the city. With it being the Friday of Easter weekend traffic was heavy but with Wanda’s knowledge of the city we maneuvered through the streets and arrived at 1243 Duncan Place right on time!

As usual, We were in for an eventful weekend! First thing on the agenda was a 30th birthday party for Greta being hosted by Wanda. We helped decorate and set up for the event and the evening was a full house with all of our Washington friends and the full Hayes family in attendance. So much fun!!

Saturday started with our traditional breakfast at Eastern Market with Charles, then back home to decorate Easter eggs with Greta and Caroline and make food to bring to Robin’s for Easter lunch or a better word FEAST!

We also managed to pile everyone into 2 vehicles and head into Baltimore to an Art Gallery and Art Show that Amanda (AJ) was participating in with 2 of her pieces being shown. This was a fun afternoon that was topped off with ice cream in a trendy neighbourhood of Baltimore.

With the busy weekend behind us we were prepared for a more relaxing week. Boy were we wrong. Wanda (was off work for the week as it was her spring break) and Amy had plans for us. First order of business was cleaning up and organizing Amy and Kim’s flowerbeds. This was a fun little project and the results were seen almost instantly. All week we made a point of a daily visit to water the transplanted plants. Later in the week we went with Kim, Amy and Gail to get flowers at a local garden centre and planted them as well. What a great way to get our “gardening fix”!

June had a hair appointment up in the North West so we had a nice walk up to U Street and while June was getting her hair done Larry hung out at a Busboys and Poets Café. A trendy coffee shop/bookstore with couches and tables, a great hangout place. Peter and Dianne had driven down for the week as well and we meet up with them for dinner at the Café.

We took the metro up to American University the one afternoon to see AJ’s studio and her work that she is preparing for her final show to graduate. We also enjoyed meeting Greta, Alex and Amy for tacos and margarita at happy hour. After dinner another evening with everyone we found ourselves enjoying some music in a cool little jazz bar.

When in Washington there is never a shortage of things to do in the city. One morning June, Wanda and Amy went to the Canadian Embassy to a quilt exhibit. That afternoon we spent with Peter and Dianne at the Botanical Gardens, always beautiful to see! At midnight we drove out to Dulles to pick up the other Jedicke sibling, Robert, who was coming to Washington for meetings. Our last full day in the city started with a Jedicke reunion at Eastern Market for brunch.

We walked around Capitol Hill past the Capitol, Canadian Embassy, the Old Post Office (which is now a Trump Hotel ) We had wanted to walk up the old clock tower but it was closed due to the high winds. It was time to hop on the metro up to Dupont Circle where we just hung out at a bookstore drinking cider, before meeting up for dinner at Bareburger with Wanda, Charles and Amy as well. Another awesome day!!!

Our last day 🙁 The first thing on the agenda this Sunday morning was to plant the Dogwood Tree that we got for free at the Botanical Gardens earlier in the week in Kim and Amy’s backyard. Peter and Dianne came to say goodbye and then they would spend the day with Robert. It was time for us to load the van, pick up Amy and head out to Arlington to pick up our home. Of course the only car on the street was in the worst spot which made backing into the trailer a 10 point turn instead of a 3 point turn. There was also the wire issue again. So June had to lay ON TOP of the motorhome as Larry slowly backed in, flipping the wires up and over every time he had to back up and pull forward. With the extreme heat of the past week, the trailer jack had slightly sank into the new pavement of the driveway, so a wood tower had to be built to raise the hitch up and finally we were ready to hook up. With the trailer hooked on to the motorhome, the wood tower back into the trailer and June on the roof again to watch the wires, we pulled out. It is a lot of work and logistics to visit Washington with our big rig, but it sure was worth it. We do think we will fly in for our next visit though!!

It was a great week that we will cherish for ever. Some great family time on both sides of our family. It was also one of the hardest goodbyes that we have had to do. We had to say goodbye to our friend Amy for the last time. With her 4 year battle against cancer approaching the final months we knew it was the last time we would see her.

Always in our heart!

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