Shediac and Fort Erie, June 6th to 13th

We started this week of our life in Shediac, New Brunswick, well, our home will be here for a week, but not us. We fly back to Ontario tomorrow where we are headed to Atkin Acres in Fort Erie to participate in another ALS walk with our friend, Shelley. The day started out fine with our campground owner driving us 20 minutes to the Moncton airport, which was very nice of him!

The flight was uneventful and when we picked up our car and checked the route to Fort Erie, Google showed 1 hour 40 minutes. This was perfect as it was early afternoon and we wanted to visit Tante Ush who lives 15 minutes from the airport. After a wonderful quick visit we headed out, but when we checked Google now the drive was almost 4 hours due to numerous accidents! So we took the long way around and finally arrived at Shelley’s in under 4 hours and without taking any of the major freeways.

The next day was the walk and it was great to see all of Rob’s Roses again! Then back to Atkin Acres for dinner and party. It is always fun and this year was no exception.

Sadly, her husband Rob, who suffered form this terrible disease had passed away at Christmas, so this was his Memorial Walk.

The next day we had a nice lunch at Brimstone in Ridgeway and visited Rob’s memorial tree along the Niagara Parkway. It was a sad, much needed visit with a wonderful, cherished good friend.

…quiet time between friends

We finished off our Fort Erie get away at Kate & Mike’s place outside of Hamilton with a nice dinner where we were joined by Eva and Guy. The next day we drove back to Toronto Airport, returned the rental car, flew to Moncton and moved back into our home. With only one day left in Shediac, the sun was shining so we went for a nice cycle in the countryside before doing a workout some laundry and getting ready to move on.

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