Gaspe Peninsula; Aug 5 to 12, 2019

After leaving Halifax we drove as far as Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick. Once set up in our site we then headed out for a hike that took us out to Gulf of St Lawrence.

This was a beautiful walk on a boardwalk through wetlands where we saw a lot of herons and some other birds that we were not sure what they were.

Next stop was Belledune Campground on the Jacquet River, which is on the Bay of Chaleur, where we had the opportunity to go for a nice cycle along the Bay. Chaleur Bay – also known informally in English as Bay of Chaleur due to the influence of its French translation meaning “bay of warmth” or “bay of torrid weather,”- is an arm of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence located between Quebec and New Brunswick. The name of the bay is attributed to explorer Jacques Cartier.

We had 2 very nice cycle’s here, going one way the day we arrived and then the other way the next day.

Our drive continued along the Gulf and took us into Quebec and around the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula and through Forillon National Park, This park, which covers 244 km² was created in 1970, and it was the first national park in Quebec.

Our campground was inland just a little bit and we were able to go out for a nice cycle, where June set our land speed record on our bicycles reaching 79.1 km per hour as we went down one of the hills! We did go a lot slower back up it on our way home however!

The next day we had the most wonderful 5 hour drive right beside the north shore of the Gaspe Peninsula and the St. Lawrence River. The scenery was stunning and we feel it rivals the famous Cabot Trail.

Along the Gaspe

The only issue we have with it that it is some of the worst roads we have ever driven on!!! We highly recommend this area for it’s beauty and some really good cheese!

Hugging the St. Lawrence River in the Gaspe Peninsula

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