Sedona & Surprise; Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2019

We love Sedona! It is as simple as that. It is visually stunning and it has great hiking. We arrived under heavy rain and flash flood warnings, which is a little unsettling as the campground is along the creek! It rained through the night with no flooding, and when we woke up the rain had stopped. With more rain in the forecast we decided to just go for a walk around town, which gives you stunning views of the red rock mountains while you shop!

Finally, the next day the sun shone and it was time to go for a hike! What we love about this park’s location is that we can walk to the trail heads and downtown right from our spot!! Walking out to the road and connecting up to a series of trails we went along and around Snoopy Rock and into the valley east of the village. At Chicken Point Overlook, where we had an amazing view, we turned around and headed back home going through town so we could enjoy a quick happy hour at Oak Creek Brewery The view had been stunning all day, plus we had a wonderful 14 km hike!

On our last day we did a hike called the Airport Loop. The Sedona airport is located on top of a high mesa and the trail runs up and then around the edge of it just below the top. This was an interesting hike because when you got to the top and went across to the other side it seemed like you could almost touch the planes as they were landing, we were so close! Not as much elevation change as yesterday, but it was so visually stunning as it gave us a wonderful 360 degree view of the area. It was a very quick visit but as always it did not disappoint!

The next week we spent in Surprise AZ, on a recommendation from someone who said we “would love it”! The park was nice but larger then we usually like, with a nice pool area and a cantina bar that had entertainment almost nightly. Lots of amenities such as lapidary, woodworking, glass work shops as well as some great pickleball courts and a very large gym, which we liked!

This all sounds wonderful, but the cycling in the area was not good at all and there were NO mountains to look at!! We did go for a couple longer rides, but most of it was in the city and the bike lanes were hit or miss. We did have fun for a week, but we don’t need to come back here. It was time to get to Tucson!!

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