Chilliwack, BC; May 1 to July 1, 2020

With our wandering life put on hold we decided to settle down for a few extended stays in our new home province of British Columbia. The 14 day quarantine period was made easier with space to work out in our yard and friends in the park to help us out. Peter and Darlene Million were a very big help in getting us settled in. When we arrived and were set up they showed up with our quarantine care package which consisted of the cable box, eggs, chips and a very nice flower to brighten our home.

We are so extremely grateful for all they did for us, most importantly was restocking our bar!!! The 14 days actually went by quickly. Most days consisted of working out in our yard, skyping with family and friends, reading, relaxing and a socially distanced happy hour at the end of our site with the Millions, us on one side of our picnic table, and them on the other side, sitting just off the site in their lawn chairs. We quickly learned that the east end of the Fraser Valley can be very wet! This does make the forests around us lush and green with moss, but we were not enjoying it!

When our quarantine was over we reorganized our site by unloading our trailer and moving it to the back end of the site which gave us room to set up our gazebo. ( which came in very useful with all of the rain we had! ) With our hummingbird feeder fixed to the outside of our window we were always entertained with the fighting and feeding going on with the abundance of Anna and Rufus hummingbirds. Now it was time to stretch our legs and explore, and since we had spent some time here last fall we knew of some cycle routes. Since we were at the east end of the Valley nestled up against Mount Cheam we always had to go west, not really a problem as there was beautiful farm land to cycle through on paved roads and little traffic. When the sky was clear we had a beautiful view of the snow covered peak of Cheam as well as Mount Breckenridge and its glacier some 40 kilometers north of us.

We also used this time to visit with Bryan, Alexis, Helen and Madoc. With a couple trips over to Ocean Park, it was nice to able to see them in a safe Covid manner. On our first trip to visit them we paid forward a gift that we had gotten from Toni and Charlie, a very nice drone, since we spend most of our time in drone free areas we could not use it. It was fun watching them get it set up and the surprise on Helen’s face when it took off unexpectedly!

The second trip back to their place was for a “drive by 8th birthday party” for Madoc, the new way to celebrate in the world we find ourselves in. When we arrived Alexis was chatting with an RCMP as someone pocket dialed 911 and they showed up to investigate. When she saw a couple of Harleys coming down the street (we were surprising them ) she asked the police to wait before leaving, then recognized us and started to laugh. No cop needed. We did not just drive by, but stayed and enjoyed the birthday dinner with Irene and Chris.

We also explored the area with Peter and Darlene. We had a nice stroll through the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, as well as a short hike at the Hope Falls trail. This hike was less than a kilometer through the trees to the base of Hope Falls where the water falls from a height of 80 meters to the rocks below, quite beautiful. With Bridal Falls Golf Course just down the road we got out a few times with Peter and had fun on this relatively short, but very scenic 9 hole golf course.

A walk up to the Lookout behind our campground was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the drizzle with Bryan, Alexis, Helen, Madoc and Ida. June had dropped a pair of scissors, blade side down on her foot so was not able to join us. ( a few days later she dropped a very sharp knife on her toe, she is having a rough time ) This is a nice 5 km hike up a service road that climbs 800 meters to a lookout over the Fraser Valley, which is also used for paragliding, but with bad visibility today we were all alone up there. After the hike we were rewarded with a nice take-out order of fish and chip dinners from The Wildcat Grill.

So, after 2 months of living in Camp Bridal it was time to head over the Coastal Mountains and into the interior of BC, known as the Okanagan Valley. We had a beautiful site, and we were sad to say good-bye to Peter and Darlene, but after 61 days here and 29 days of rain, it was time to say good-bye!!

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  1. Glad you had a lovely time sorry to hear about June foot and hope she okay now. Great photos of you all and the people who made your stay great also so have more great travels take care

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures! So sorry to hear about June’s falling foot issues. I always seem to be dropping something but have been lucky so far. Be safe. Will miss our wonderful neighbors this year 😎

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