Drive to Canada; April 28 to May 1, 2020

We pulled out of Rincon Country East by 09:00 and started the drive north. Since it was our first time outside the city limits in 3 months we were not sure what to expect! Driving through Phoenix normally is like “driving” through a parking lot. There was lots of traffic, but we were moving at a pretty good speed, so that was a good sign for us. On the north west side of Phoenix we left the interstate and headed north on US #93, towards Kingman, Arizona.

It is a new road for us and it took us through the Joshua Tree Forest of Arizona. With the rugged terrain, Joshua Trees and cacti flowers it was a beautiful stretch of highway.

Past Kingman we were then on familiar roads, that took us up over the Colorado River and past the Hoover Dam into Henderson, Nevada. Tonight was our first Harvest Host stop, the Revere Golf Course, where we have stayed before, but this time was a little weird. The golf course was actually closed, so we had to move the pylons blocking the entrance to the parking lot. With all the Harvest Hosts you have to let them know you are coming, so we did have permission to be there.

Arriving at 18:00, it was 38C so we went for a stroll around the golf course which is stunning. We were in for a very hot night as the LOW temperature prediction was going to be 26C and we were dry docking with no electricity! Looking out at the city in the evening we think we saw less lights on the Vegas strip.

Heading towards Buhl, Idaho we continued on the US #93 north all the way through Nevada, once again new roads for us. This highway is a small 2-3 lane road and is mostly trucks, and surprisingly was in good shape. We travelled through several mountain passes, with the highest being almost 2,220 meters above sea level. It was another spectacular drive with snow covered mountain peaks in the distance and prickly pear cacti with pink flowers right beside us.

We arrived at Snyder Winery, another Harvest Host member, for the night where Claudia, the owner, was happy to see us! Technically the winery was not open, but she allowed us to come in and taste a couple glasses of their wine, we think she was desperate for company! A beautiful winery and a great spot to stop for the night, we will probably return some day! This morning we had left at 08:00 and finally pulled in at the winery at 19:30.

Today’s destination was Benton City, Washington. The drive started out in a beautiful river valley, then we were back on the interstate and driving fast.

In Ontario, Oregon the rain and wind were so bad we had to pull into a rest stop for an hour to have lunch and let the weather pass. The rest of the drive was a lot drier, but the strong wind did not stop ( which makes driving a 57ft Rv and trailer very difficult ) so it was a tiring day. At 18:30 we arrived at a Harvest Host winery called Avelar, after a 9 hour drive. We knew it was going to be closed, but we were able to enjoy the patio all by ourselves, which was super nice, and there was a great view!

We went for a short walk and discovered the entrance to many walking trails, so I think this might be a place we will stop at again when we have more time.

Our last day, the drive took us over the Cascade Mountains which were absolutely gorgeous with their snow peaks.

We were on the road by 8:30 and at around 15:00 we pulled up to the Canadian Custom’s in Abbottsford. With the Covid we were not sure what would happen, but it was easiest crossings ever! No line-up and we think the agent was bored! After giving him a phone number and address where we were quarantining for the next 14 days we chatted for a couple minutes and then pulled ahead to the Covid-19 check point. This was equally as easy, and since we had a printout from the BC website with a confirmation number they basically said you seem to know what you are doing, welcome home. We pulled away and by 16:00 we went through another “closed” sign at the gateway of Camp Bridal and set up in site #52, our home for the next 2 months. Our friends Peter and Darlene soon came over with a dozen eggs and a bag of chips, only the absolute necessities!!, to welcome us back to Canada!

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  1. I still can’t believe you drove that huge distance in such a short time.
    So glad you made it home safely.
    Here’s hoping for a more leisurely return through these beautiful spots soon.

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