Osoyoos, BC; November 1st to May 1st 2021

As stated in the previous post, November 1st, 2020 came and we headed south, but not as far as we wanted to! Damn Covid!!!

There are some similarities to our “normal” winter home address. We are close to the southern border. We are in a desert. OK, the border is the Canada/USA border on the 49th Parallel instead of the USA/Mexico border on the 31st Parallel. But, both are desert regions!

Osoyoos is not Canada’s most southern town. We have already been there when we visited Kingsville, Ontario. It is however Canada’s warmest town by year average temperatures. There are some towns even warmer in the winter time in the lower mainland and the south end of Vancouver Island,theymay be warmer, but they are a lot wetter! So, with this information we decided (along with Bob and Ann Clark) that if we cannot get to Tucson we will spend our winter here. We are glad that we decided this back in May, because there were a lot of other Canadian Snowbirds that were thinking the same thing and everywhere was full! Our spots were right across the street from each other, which worked out great!!

With Covid still running rampant and a vaccine on the horizon but still not available, Osoyoos gave us a very safe place to park our home. We did have a few trips planned to get us through the next 6 months. The prospects were a trip or two over to Ocean Park (White Rock) area to visit with The Zehr’s. Unfortunately we were only able to go once due to travel restrictions. The other thing we were really looking forward to was spending February and March in our good friend’s (Toni and Charlie) condo in Hawaii. Again, due to Covid travel restrictions we were not able to go. So our 6 month stay in Osoyoos was the longest in one spot in 5 years!

We managed to get a few cycles in before the cold came, and a few in the spring, but our main avenue of exercise was the gym. We found an excellent one, that had a cheap Snowbird Special, $100 for 3 months! The staff did great job of keeping it clean and “Covid” free! A few good hikes, and lots of walks with Bear, Wags, Bob and Ann!

We also had numerous “event” nights with our “bubble” being the Clarks. We celebrated “The Grinch”, Christmas, New Years, Mardis Gras, Easter , June’s 55th Birthday as well as Bob’s 66th.

We will let the pictures tell the story!

Our cycle up Anarchist Mountain to get a view of the Valley

Our trip over to the White Rock area to visit family

Winter came early, glad it did not stay!

However, for the next 5 months winter, Winter was a short 15 minute drive up Anarchist Mountain!

Getting into the holiday spirit

How the Grinch Stole Christmas party #1

Grinch Party #2

Drive up to Mount Baldy, our local ski resort!

The “Great” Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, December 2020

Leading up to the Holiday Season 2020

Happy Holidays!!

The end of the year, good riddance 2020!

January 2021 highlights

February 2021 highlights!

Mardi Gras party with the Clarks

June’s 55th Birthday Party

Other March 2021 events

June found a hobby, beading!

It first started with macramé

…and soon turned into beading!

March and April also brought golf back to us!

With Springtime arriving so did the fruit tree blossoms

…and when you find yourself on a clear night sky without the moon, you have some fun!

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