BC from West to East; August 13 to Sept 12, 2021

We took the ferry from Sydney to Horseshoe Bay and completed the Sunshine Coast/Vancouver Island loop and ended up back where it began on June 1st. When we exited the ferry we headed up the Sea to Sky Highway and parked at Whistler RV Park just south of Whistler, BC. Here we were joined for part of it by Bryan, Alexis, Helen and Madoc with their trailer. Danielle drove up the one day as well and we did a fabulous hike west of the village of Whistler.

We had to make a few changes in our plans due to the forest fires burning in BC this summer. We cancelled our visit to Grey Wells Provincial Park and headed directly to Revelstoke. With a one night stay down by the river outside of Cache Creek where we found ourselves sandwiched between two fire evacuation zones.

After a night at the river we finished the drive over to Revelstoke. Our stay here was cut short due to a family unit group that were in the neighbouring sites. They felt that the parents could sit around and drink well the kids ran all over the campground screaming. Our motorhome actually got hit by a lacrosse ball that the kids were playing with. We did however enjoy a very nice cycle up Mount Revelstoke before we left.

From Revelstoke we drove down to Castlegar along the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Our route south took us along lakes and even across one on the highway ferry system. It was a beautiful drive and we ended up in the Kootenays in south eastern BC. It is a beautiful area but a little too relaxing for us. We love the campground in Castlegar though. It is an adult only small park that is nestled up beside the Kootenay River. However, we exhausted all the cycling routes we could find. We did explore the neighbouring towns via our bicycles and motorcycles with rides over to Trail, Rossland and Nelson. We decided that this is a nice place to visit for a week or two but not to spend all summer there.

We finished our trek across BC with a few days at the St. Eugenes Golf Resort & Casino KOA just outside of Cranbrook. We took the longer more scenic route that went across Kootenay Lake which is (according to them) the world’s longest free ferry ride. Then the 100 km strech that runs south along the eastern side of Kootenay Lake has over 400 curves in it. So it was slow going but beautiful. Over the next couple days we got in a nice cycle on the path that runs up to Kimberley. Larry also took advantage of being within walking distance of a golf course and played a couple of rounds.

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