Back to BC for the Fall 2021; September 20 to November 10, 2021

So, for the second year in a row we are heading back to Nk’Mip Campground in Osoyoos for what we hope will not be the winter again. First though we made our way from Lethbridge, Alberta back into BC and across the Rocky Mountains to Moyie Lake Provincial Park west of Cranbrook, BC. Our 2 nights stay was for the most part very peaceful. Since school was back in session the park was almost completely empty. The only negative effect of the location was the train tracks that ran right beside the park.

After our quick stay at Moyie Lake we then drove back into the Kootenays. With another quick 2 night stay at Kootenay River RV Resort were we where a couple weeks ago. We were able to get 2 bicycle rides again in and around Castlegar.

Kootenay River RV Resort on the Kootenay River

One more stop before we settled into Osoyoos and Nk’Mip Campground. We spent the last week of September at Wright’s Beach Campground in Penticton on the shores of Lake Skaha. Here we focused our time cycling the beautiful hills and countryside of the Penticton region and catching up with our friends Dave and Sue.

October 1, 2021 we moved back into our spot at Nk’Mip Campground in Osoyoos. This is where we spent 6 months last winter because of the border closure due to Covid. We were hoping that this was not going to be a repeat of last year. Luckly on November 8th the border opened up to vaccinated Canadians and on November 10th we headed south to warmer climates. More on that later.

Our 6 week stay in Osoyoos started off with a bang with Phil and Alex flying out to the Okanagan Valley and spending some time with us. They stayed just a short 5 minute walk up the hill at Spirit Ridge and we had a blast showing them the beauty of the area.

Then we settled into our lives again in Osoyoos. Hiking, cycling and working out to pass the days. On October 15th Bear and Wags arrived from Ontario, okay, Bob and Ann came as well. We made a quick run over to White Rock for Thanksgiving and then back home. With the announcement in early November of the US border opening up to vaccinated Canadians it was time to start planning our route back down to Tucson for the winter months. We coordinated this with Bob and Ann and we put the plan in place to leave on November 10th and arrive in Tucson on the 15th.

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