Drive to Tucson; November 10 to 15, 2021


The Canada US border is finally open to vaccinated Canadians.

It opened up on November 8th but we decided to wait 2 days for the first wave of snowbirds to get through the border crossing in Osoyoos. With our route plan in place which took us down through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and finally into Arizona we lined up at the US Customs at 8:46 on the 10th. We pulled up to the booth at 9:08 and with one of the easiest border crossings ever we rolled away and into Washington State at 9:11! He did not even ask if we were vaccinated. Our route through Washinton took us down the 97 and then the 17 through Dry Falls State Park was breathtaking. Our first night stay was in Pendleton, Oregon.

The following day was another long drive and mostly in the rain but we made it all the way to the Idaho Nevada border and spent the night in Twin Falls. The next day we had a wonderful drive into Nevada and spent the night at over 3,000 meters in Ely, Nevada and hopefully our last night of freezing temperatures.

After waking up to -3 C temperatures we drove down into Las Vegas and finally some warm weather. We spent very little time in Vegas itself but took a drive out to the Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas. Not only is this a beautiful place to spend time amongst the red rock sandstone cliffs but is also the place where Bob and Ann were married. It was fun being there with them.

On the drive to Tucson we only had one more stop to make. This one surprised us because we had spent a week in Surprise, Arizona and did not like it very much. When we were there we had cycled out to White Tank Mountain State Park but did not go into it. This time however we spent the night on the northwestern corner of Phoenix in the State Park. It was wonderful!

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