Page, AZ & Kanab, UT; April 4-11, 2022

Finally! So, after this part of our excursion was cancelled in April 2020, we were finally able to stop and explore the slot canyons of Page Arizona. Our trip up from Tucson took us to Flagstaff for a quick one-night stop. The next morning when we were driving from Flagstaff to Page, we encountered some of the worst crosswinds we have seen in our 7 years on the road. It actually blew off one of our awnings off of our motorhome as we were driving down the highway! We pulled over for a couple of hours to let the wind die down before make the rest of the drive to Page.

On our first day in Page we had booked a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon. Since all of the slot canyons are in the Navajo Nation the only way to see them is with a local guide. Our first stop was just south of the Glen Canyon Dam and it gave us an amazing view of the canyon. After this brief stop, we headed over to Antelope Canyon. The canyon from above ground does not look very impressive but once you descend down into the ground, WOW, they are amazing. To finish off the day we were taken over to Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River a little further along the river from where we started our tour.

Day 2, Page, Arizona! Today we went trail riding on our trail bikes. The Page Rimview Trail went right past our campground, so we hopped on it and circled the plateau. It was a nice 17 km loop and the views of the surrounding area were stunning.

Day 3, Page, Arizona, we went back down into the ground. Cardiac Canyon was our destination today. Cardiac Canyon. Another one of the many slot canyons. This one is restricted to only one tour per day and a maximum of 6 people. It was an amazing 3 hours exploring.

To finish off the day we made a quick stop at Canyon X as well!

It was an amazing 3 days but now it was time to keep heading north. A 2-hour drive took us to Kanab, UT. The main reason for stopping here was to visit the Wave. A sandstone rock formation out in the wilderness. They restrict the number of people allowed out there, so you have to apply for a lottery spot. Unfortunately, we did not receive one of the spots so instead we headed over to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park to hike on the dunes.

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