Drive to Canada and White Rock, BC; April 25th to May 16th

The drive back to Canada from Bryce Canyon took us 5 short driving days. We spent 3 of the 4 nights in Harvest Host accommodations. A farm stay, a golf course stay and the final night was at a winery. The other night we stopped in Boise, Idaho to visit with our friends, Nikki and Crystal.

Harvest Host location, an elderberry farm just west of Salt Lake City in Utah

Harvest Host golf course location in Twin Falls, Idaho. We were parked down by the river.

Our stop in Boise, this is Tucker. Nikki, Crystal and Ryan were there as well.

Our last night in the US was at Anelare Winery in southern Washington State, another Harvest Host location. This picture is from a hike we did in the afternoon. We then enjoyed a clay oven pizza along with one of their wines. A very nice way to finish our stay in the USA.

Our arrival back in Canada gave us the mountains of BC as well as the valley of The Okanagan. Lynn and Julie flew out to BC for Larry’s 55th birthday party in Surrey and then drove over to our new condo that we purchased with Steve and Leslie in Osoyoos.

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