Our Contact Info & where we are!

Primary email: ljzehr@yahoo.ca

Secondary email: jblconsulting@hotmail.com

June’s Phone: 519-949-3386 (use this number when we are in Canada)

(Only use this number when we are in the USA)  774-266-1316

Larry’s Phone: 774-462-9170

Our official BC address is: 12682 14B Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A-1J6

Our Arizona address is: 8989 E. Escalante Rd, Site 183, Tucson, AZ, 85730


We have now left our beautiful home on wheels in Tucson and have flown over to the Big Island of Hawaii and staying in the condo in Kona until March 1st. Over the holidays we will be with at Robert and Trina’s on Oahu.